Still from  a  s far as ever before  |  so weit wie noch nie  2013

Still from as far as ever before  |  so weit wie noch nie 2013

Recent Exhibitions

2014   ViewpointsSite Festival 14, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

2013    As far as never before  |  so weit wie noch nie, INDEX | gallery, Stroud, Gloucestershire

2013   Passing solo exhibition, Ort Gallery, Birmingham

2012   Text installation, Savage School Window Gallery, Vyner Street, London

2012   Doublefold 2, Artsite Festival, Walthamstow

2012   Doublefold, (video installation) SVA Site Festival, Stroud Gloucestershire. 

2011   AM Bruno group exhibition (video installation) New York, USA

2011  Venus + Demarco + Beuys, Craigcrook Castle, Edinburgh. Group exhibition of drawings to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Joseph Beuys.

2010   Is This All there Is?  Lethaby Gallery. Curator and exhibitor group exhibition with Gabriel Kuri, Brian Rhodes , Seth/Tallentire, Susan Trangmar and Italo Zuffi Central Saint Martins, London

2009   In Between the Lines, recent British Drawingsgroup exhibition, Trinity Contemporary, London and New York.

2008   Drawing Breath, Jerwood Drawing Prize, The Gallery at Wimbledon, Wimbledon College of Art and NAS Galleries, Sydney, Australia

2006   Everything in Eva Hesse’s Work was Different…..chapter in Encountering Eva Hesse, Prestell IBSN 3-7913-3309-7, edit G.Pollock & V.Corby pgs 223-249

2005   Les Merveilleuses du Monde, group exhibition, LAAC (Lieu d’Art et Action Contemporaine) Museum, Dunkerque, France

2005   Alumni 2, Process and Memory, group exhibition, Back Hill Gallery, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London.

2005   Joseph Beuys and Transience, seminar paper Fugitive Materials Seminar, Tate Modern

2005   Fugitive Materials – A History of Impermanence, seminar paper Fugitive Materials Seminar 3, Tate Modern

2004   For and From Exhibition, group exhibition of drawings Art Gallery, Folkestone, Kent

2004   Something Strange/Nerissauaq, selected group exhibition Aine Art Museum, Tornio, Finland. Something Strange catalogue IBSN No 951-8949-07-7. Page 26-27. Essays by Joanne Morra and Timo Valjakka, The Aine Art Museum, Tornio.

2004  Of Mutability seminar paper for Helen Chadwick: Rethinking her practice and reviewing her legacy in contemporary art, a discussion addressing themes and influences from Helen Chadwick’s exhibition, May-June 1986, ICA London AHRB Cath Centre University of Leeds and Henry Moore Institute, Leeds.

2003  Speaking and Making, collaborative book with: Kate Love, Mo Throp and Susan Trangmar, Central Saint Martins College London, IBSN 0 946282 92 7 Individual text pages 6-13, ‘This thing about making’.