Joanna is a co-director of the INDEXprojects, Stroud.

INDEXprojects is an artists led organisation. From 2015 it has been programming artists films for the Stroud Fringe Festival and the Stroud Site Festival. In 2016 INDEXprojects was awarded an Arts Council grant to establish the Artists Led Network (ALN) with KARST and i-DAT in Plymouth to promote new ways of exhibiting and engaging with artwork. This has developed into building a VR prototype. INDEX hosted the ALN symposium at FullDomeUK in November 2016 with guest artist Shazed Dawood.

INDEX|gallery now INDEXprojects originated in the site of Stroud Brewery in Thrupp, Gloucestershire in 2012. 

Figurines and Asteroids , 2012 Helen Kincaid.

Figurines and Asteroids, 2012 Helen Kincaid.