Research Interests

Sculpture                                                Repetition

Dematerialisation                                   Installation

Transience                                             Drawing


Current Research

Joanna Greenhill’s work investigates ways of materializing/de-materializing presence and the place of memory in the work of art. These interests have reintroduced an interest from research degree work into investigating impermanent materials and the role of transience in art practice. Joanna researched the implications of transient work and how artists engage with process in the project Fugitive Materials, which was launched at Tate Modern in 2005 and consisted of a series of seminars at Tate where artists, conservators and scientist explored the subject. This project culminated in the 2010 exhibition Is This All there Is? at the Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins.

Currently the contemporary ruin is of particular interest due to its potential to encapsulate time and history while demonstrating both continuity and rupture, existing as both object and process. The moving image is used to track the body’s passage through a space to address the potential of the embodied camera. Joanna collaborated with other practitioners to make the book Speaking and Making which looks at foregrounding the making of art as research in its own right, employing the practice of art as a mode of analysis. 

Recent publication April 2016 : the new becoming old is an artists book that records a passage through St. Peters Seminary Cardross, Scotland through image and text